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CIFA has been serving the francophone community in southwestern Nova Scotia since September 28, 1990. The results of several positive studies and the experience of short-termbroadcasting at the local trade show allowed the station to be implemented.

In 1989, the CRTC granted us a broadcasting licence. CIFA has been on the air for over 30 years,
always serving the community.


Radio CIFA provides information and entertainment to Acadians, francophones and francophilesin southwestern Nova Scotia and around the world through programming while supporting


The mandate of Radio CIFA is to provide news, music, arts and music, arts and entertainment to the Acadian municipalities of Clare and Argyle and to all Francophones and Francophiles around the world with the help of the Internet. We support the Acadian language and culture through our radio station by supporting programming designed for our Acadian listeners.


Thanks to the involvement of many volunteers and a dedicated staff, CIFA offers its listeners a variety of programming, including local and national content, whether it be music, news or cultural events. Welcome to our community.

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