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Please see below for a list of our most frequently asked questions!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I request a song?

The best way is to call while there is someone on the air. You can also email us a few days before if it’s for a special occasion. Our phone number is 1-902-769-2432 or email us at

2. How do I listen to Radio CIFA 104,1fm over the internet?

Visit our website and click on the Radioplayer button or download our phone app.

3. How can I contact you if I need help?

For general inquiries, you can call us during business hours at 902-769-2432 or email us through our contact button.

4. How do I advertise through your radio station?

Contact Erica at and she’ll be pleased to help you!

5. Applying for creative collaboration.

By contacting our general manager

6. I'm an artist looking for some radio air play or to be featured on your social media platform.

Please send all requests to

7. I'm interested in booking a radio spot to air my podcast or show.

Contact either 

8. How can I apply to add my podcast to your website?

Call us at 902-769-2432 or email

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